Da corn.

This, or nothing at all.

Feel like I should post more and having rambling thoughts – probably because I’m doing anything in my power to not implode because my phone is broken and I haven’t my calendar handy for meetings for three days.

Phone fail. “Your insurance doesn’t allow you to get an immediate replacement if your phone stops working, only if you break it.” Well ok then, perhaps I should have smashed it on the cement floor. In the meantime, I’m carrying a circa 1999 “replacement” that smells like old, stale cigarettes, won’t let me pick up voice mail, and I have no access to email or my contacts. Thank you, carrier that rhymes with “Glint.”

Upside: I get to write a post about it. Wahhh, WAHHH. And I fully realize this is a First World Problem.

The annoyed gym rat: I’m slugging along on the elliptical at the gym last night and this pretty ponytailed older lady (my age and wearing way fewer clothes) comes up to me and asks me how much longer I’m going to be on the machine. Told her I’d be done in about 25 minutes. She took her Coach gym bag to a treadmill, changed her shoes and proceeded to walk. Fifteen minutes later she went to the weight machines (toting her gigantic Coach bag – they make gym bags??) and changed into another pair of shoes and lifted for a bit.  After the elliptical, I grabbed my water bottle and Walmart fleece and hopped on a treadmill, and she finally got to the elliptical that was right in front of my treadmill. But..

…not until she changed into another pair of shoes! Taken from (you guessed it) her COACH BAG. I was feeling rather like a slob in my oversized hot pink “Knock Out Breast Cancer” t-shirt and old warm-up pants.

Redemption: The gleam of the price tag swaying in the breeze on her spiffy little tank top. She was obviously new at this game, but I don’t know how she figured she needed four pair of shoes. But I guess I do know why she needed that huge bag. And the fact that we were  both at the gym gave us something in common. Perhaps we’ll become BFFs.

The overachieving husband: I needed some frozen corn for a dish I’m making for Bible study. The study is “Made to Crave.” The irony is not lost, but the requirement is healthy food. I was out of corn. I emailed RB “Any way you can stop and pick up a bag of frozen corn for me on the way home? Just one.” I put “just one” on purpose, because he always gets two of everything. I needed about a cup of corn. We all know what size bag one would normally get.

I found this in the freezer this morning.

FOUR pounds of corn. Walmart corn. I love how they show it in a colander and with the disclaimer “serving suggestion.” I don’t believe I’ve ever thought to serve corn in a colander before.

Shameless granddaughter promotion:

Harper got her first tooth yesterday. You can’t see it, of course, but I needed an excuse to post a Skype shot, along with her sweet mom and Sophie the Giraffe who returned from her unfortunate escape after eating Mexican food,  just in time to welcome that first tooth.

Tea today: Something green that didn’t have a label – the last of the bag. We shall call it “China Mystery”

4 thoughts on “This, or nothing at all.

  1. jenn nahrstadt

    phone fail–i do not know if your phone is smart or not, but mine isn’t, and i’m trying to keep my dumb one as long as possible!

    gym rat–this is one of the reasons i work out at home. no one wants to use my machine, i don’t have a workout partner who wears distracting clothes (although i do have a great workout partner who is just as into old t-shirts and unfashionable leftover 90s workout wear as i am), and i’m done and upstairs in the shower without feeling any need for a Coach bag. GAH!

    overachieving husband–cracks me up!

    shameless–harper’s adorable! so glad sophie didn’t end up in the guacamole. green giraffes are so not cool…

    thanks for sharing!

    1. Candy Post author

      I would love to have an elliptical in my basement – then I wouldn’t have to watch ESPN like I do at the gym, and if all else fails, I’d have a nice expensive rack to hang my sweats!

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