Who Me

brazilian-bikini-top-pt31-thumbnail-01I was an English major once. For a semester. When a professor told me that my writing was “going in tangents” it put me on the road to three or four other majors before settling. Yes, I settled. Back then, women mostly became nurses or teachers. I thought it would be awesome to work nights, holidays, and weekends, so I chose the former. Really, who would ever want summers off?

Back to writing. I write in parenthesis, italics, emoticons, dashes, and use, far, too, many, commas. If I have a conversation with you, you’ll see that I write the way I talk. (Parenthetically speaking).

In this space you will find random snippets of my life. My faith (unrelenting). My family (best ever).  My dog (loyal to the end). Oh wait, he’s gone. And I miss him. .

I have a sweet, high-def, yet analog husband, three grown (but not grown up) kids, and a cat named Snickers who doesn’t like anyone but my husband and me. Mostly him. (Update: cat is dead now, too. Ah, the circle of life).

I love to eat, cook, and eat what I cook. I love whole foods, raw foods, and local foods. I’m not a vegetarian, but will frequently spend weeks in The Enchanted Broccoli Forest. I’m a functional foodie and food is my medicine. I like my food to have purpose, and at my age that purpose is staying alive. My “Functional Foodie Friday” posts have foods or recipes that I love to eat, or perhaps even my dismal failures. Fair warning though, all measurements will be estimates and I may forget an ingredient or two.

Let thy food be thy medicine, and thy medicine shall be thy food.


Give me long lists of ingredients and things to chop with my favorite Wüsthof knives (they don’t pay me to say that), and I’m in my heaven on earth. Hence, most of my Twitpics and Instagrams are food, along with a few “oops I almost chopped off my finger” pictures. I eat to live, eat for health, eat for disease prevention, and so far it’s working because I’m not dead yet.

I love to exercise, I’m a tennis enthusiast and groupie, and once told Andy Roddick I was taking his picture for my daughter. I lied. I love to ride my bike (in good weather) and especially love wander-riding to places I’ve never been. I’m directionally challenged but have only been lost twice. Don’t direct me north, south, east, or west. I have a hard enough time with left and right. Instead I use right and “other right.” And Google maps and GPS were sent to me from heaven. And if you want to know a totally random fact about me, I can fold a fitted sheet better than Martha.

I love people, I love blog visitors, I love little romance here and there!. And I just might have my feelings hurt if you swing by and don’t leave a comment. Be sure to hover over my photos; I’ve decided to make them come to life a little bit.

Oh, and in the interest of full disclosure, if I mention a certain brand of food it’s because I like it. If I ever get free products, you’ll know about it.

This cuteness has stolen my day… watch it now 🙂